Taking the Plunge

by Ryan

One of the goals I made during the slow part of the summer was to pick an English Premier League team to follow this fall. For the second straight time, the World Cup completely sucked me in, and I fell hard for soccer. It helped to be around a lot of soccer-loving folks, but this time I decided it was going to stick for good.

So,I did a bit of research, asked around and did a lot of reading to figure this all out. I had narrowed it down to three teams and asked a few people if they wanted to do a podcast about it. Rich had already picked Liverpool, and you all know what Chris’ team is; but I still had a decision to make.

Then Nick sent me a text and told me to call his show and pick a team. Considering he helped with a lot of the research, I figured I may as well. So, here’s me picking my EPL team and a bit of the reasoning behind it. There’s nothing like making major life decisions on live radio while driving a car, trust me.

If you can’t tell from the Optimus Prime at the top of the post, I picked Arsenal. Feel free to say what you will, but I’m pretty excited about the choice. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and if I know my Arsenal history, somewhat torturous. I made my case a bit stronger in the audio link, so take a listen if you think I’m just picking at random here.

Season starts next Saturday against Liverpool. I’m looking at you, Rich.


  1. I’d like to give the EPL a shot, but I don’t even know where to start. A very limited amount of research has led me to favor Everton, Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur. Any suggestions for choosing?

    • Sabresfan88,

      The link to Mendola’s post might have some helpful information there, it helped me narrow a few teams down. Chris is going all out for Everton, and the American influence on the team (starting in net) will help you if your soccer appreciation started with this year’s World Cup. Fulham has my favorite American in Dempsy, and Tottenham seems like a fun team to root for, but I decided to go with Arsenal.

      Honestly, Fulham and Tottenham were in my final three as well, so I can see why you like them. I’d try to think it over and maybe give another look at each team. Something will stick out and make the difference. Unless, of course, Chris wants to try converting you…

  2. Mike

    I picked the Spurs. Can we be mortal enemies now Ryan?

  3. kyle schlaich

    hey ryan!

    congrats on picking ARSEnal. šŸ˜€ i suggest jumping two feet in. the website i put below is a hub for all clubs in england, and i think it includes SPL as well. there is a club selector to the left side of the webpage to navigate. ive been apart of this site for a few years, and have met loads of characters. overall, this site helped me get to speed on everything. each club is always looking for article writers, as well as random banter. basically its an enormous pub with every club inside.


    also, you never have to miss a match. be careful tho.. ive managed to procrastinate every time a newcastle match was on.


  4. Ryan,

    I listened to the clips, and my decisions so far have come from pretty much the reasons you just mentioned. Everton is almost exclusively because of Tim Howard. If I don’t come up with something soon, maybe I’ll just give it a year without picking a team and see who I like watching best. It’s so much more fun to have a rooting interest though.

  5. Colin

    Why EPL rather than MLS? You can actually attend an MLS match, and the league actually produces players for the national team.

  6. kyle schlaich


    I suggest picking Wolves if you are undecided. Wolverhampton is Buffalo’s Sister City after all.

    • Kyle,

      Awesome information, thanks man. It already feels good to take a virtual ribbing from you, maybe we can catch a few matches at Papa Jake’s if you’re in the city sometime.


      The EPL is the best of the best. To make a hockey metaphor, picking only an MLS team is sort of like rooting for an AHL team just because you’re in Rochester. Chances are if you’re a hockey fan, you’re picking an NHL team as well. This one just requires a pretty long plane ride to go visit…

  7. kyle schlaich


    No problem dude! Haha, feel free to throw some jabs my way too! Ive only lived in the Buffalo area for 6 years on and off and have been looking for a few friends to watch the matches with, so I will definitely take you up on the Papa Jakes offer.

  8. Peter-usrt

    Someone say Wolverhampton! šŸ™‚

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