RoostCast Episode 19: Paul Bunyan, Pat Kane and Other Folk Heroes

Gather ’round. It’s time for another RoostCast. This time, Ryan and Chris look into why Western New Yorkers feel the way they do about homegrown athletes like Pat Kane, Tim Kennedy, Jonny Flynn and Naaman Roosevelt.

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  1. Mike

    I agree completely. But also disagree.
    Personally, I never really cared about Pat Kane. I guess I was sort of proud when he was drafted #1 overall, but he’s a Blackhawk. Good for Chicago. My parents even met him shortly after he was drafted at a wedding and had nothing but nice things to say about how well mannered he was. But that didn’t really endear him to me because he was a Blackhawk. When he got in trouble, I really didn’t care either. I’ve never actually been to South Buffalo, except for going to Tifft Farm and driving through on the Skyway. And both those times were rare indeed.
    I felt like I could have more attachment to Todd Marchant. He grew up a few streets down and went to the same High School. I was happy he won the cup, but he was a Duck. I couldn’t get too excited.
    I guess for me, I feel more attachment to the team. I feel way more attached to Jochen Hecht than I do to Kane. Obviously, being local and being on the Sabres sweetens the pot, which is I think why Tim Kennedy hurt so bad for me. I think it was also because as much as I love Kaleta (and I really do) it’d be great to have someone from Buffalo who was a real goalscoring threat, and I honestly thought that Kennedy could develop into that threat. Someone more obviously consequential to the outcome of a game than Kaleta. And I know Kaleta’s role is important. It’s just a little less glamourous.