RoostCast Episode 17: That Kennedy Kid

In the latest RoostCast, Ryan and Chris discuss the Sabres’ decision to buy out Tim Kennedy and how it’s probably not how Darcy Regier wanted to start his contract year.

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Featured music:
Explosions in the Sky — “Glittering Blackness”
Fatboy Slim — “Weapon of Choice”


  1. Mike

    Great point about Luke Adam. If Niedermayer is the third line center now, I think Adam might be groomed to be the third line center. I think it’s one of the most important pieces in Lindy’s system.
    Speaking of Lindy, let’s say Regier leaves at the end of this year. Does Ruff quit?

  2. Where did you guy get the $50M self-imposed cap figure?

  3. It’s a bit of an estimation (and a nice round number) based on their current payroll (about $54 million) and that Darcy said they’re already over their budget.

    • In other words, I was off by $4 million. I honestly just said that number and it stuck for some reason. Should have been a bit more careful…