RoostCast Episode 15: Bags of Pucks and Kovalchuk

On Episode 15 of RoostCast, Ryan and Chris break down the Sabres summer thus far and just how much they are willing to do. They also discuss Tim Connolly, contract years, and do a bit of snap judgement on the Dan Paille trade. You can download Episode 15 here and find the first 11 episodes on iTunes. We… we’re working on that. Also, you can listen to the audio in the player below:

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Episode 15 of RoostCast also features the following music:

“Lost in the Supermarket” – The Clash
“And Your Bird Can Sing” – The Beatles


  1. just listened to this while doing some work on the computer.. caught myself listening to you guys more often that i was working. well-done.

  2. Mike

    I disagree with Chris about Dan Paille. I just don’t think that he had that much to do with the Bruins success. He played well against the Sabres, but he didn’t do much otherwise. I think that Paille is going to be perennially be a player who will get you 15-25 goals a year, never more than that. People forget that when he was drafted, he was sort of perceived like Luke Adam is now. He was I think the captain of the Canadian Junior Team and I remember when he was drafted, the draft was in Toronto, and all the media outlets in Toronto were lamenting that the Sabres got him and not the Leafs. I think he has some grit, although not much, and is sort of a marginal leader. I think Darcy felt like he already had some guys on the team and in the pipeline who filled that role and he was probably right. Paille is good, but I don’t think he was great on the Sabres. Oddly though, I think Stafford misses him.

  3. I liked Paille, when I knew he was playing. He is the prototypical Sabres winger since the lockout, physical *sometimes*, would score once in a while, otherwise he was just sort of there.

    Interesting to look at those teams now, and see how many of those inconsistent forwards they kicked to the curb (Kotalik, Paille, MacArthur, Max, even Pyatt to an extent). There’s even more if you count the rental players (Bernier, Moore). Here’s hoping the new direction the team has gone with the draft/free agency produces some wingers Lindy will trust.