Know Your Roots

by Ryan

If the title of this post matches the title of the blog, well, I’ve still got some work to do with our maintainence. Hopefully we will finish that up soon, but we’ve been busy little beavers outside of posting here in the Roost. Chris, Rich and I have done a ton of audio over the last few days, and hopefully you’ll get to hear some of that very soon. We’re also working on updating our iTunes page very soon, so be on the lookout for that as well.

This time of July is usually the doldrums when it comes to sports, but the World Cup helped keep us fresh as daisies and ready to write. Hopefully we get the site figured out in time to take advantage of those new leafs.

Quick Poll: Order these things in the order you’d like to see them published:

New RoostCast
Post about the Sabres’ Variable Pricing
Bisons Post
Something somewhat crazy like you posted on Monday

Take your pick in the comments and it might help me decide what to do first.


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