Still Cup Crazy

by Ryan

My schedule is all kinds of screwed up. There are a number of things to blame, but for the most part I blame the World Cup. For example, this is what I’ve done with myself for the last week or so:

I set my alarm for 7 a.m. every day and hope for the best. When I turn off my alarm I turn on ESPN and watch the first match while I fall asleep again. Then somehow I wake up at 10 and watch the second match, falling asleep at halftime and waking up sometime in the 60th minute. Then I get out of bed, eat “lunch” and watch the 2:30 match while getting ready for the day.

When that third game is over I go do what I would usually do with my life, which lately is working. In other words, the World Cup is taking over my life, and completely killing any sort or productivity I used to have. The worst part of all is that I don’t know what to do about it.

Most people reading the site know by now that I’m a mostly nocturnal creature. I work late hours, sleep very little and don’t care for mornings. However, my interest in the World Cup was supposed to change those things. I thought I could get up early, get a bunch of work done while watching the games and then have the rest of the day to be productive in real life. As you can tell from the site, that’s a strategy that has failed miserably.

But here’s the problem: I don’t want to stop watching the World Cup. The games haven’t been the most exciting, but I have to admit I’m absolutely hooked on the tournament. I love the game, the atmosphere and most of all I love the way the tournament has progressed. It seems slow on the schedule, but watching day by day has been a lot of fun. We’ve seen 32 different countries represented, and the groups have been really competitive. Watching the great teams like Argentina and Brasil have been fun, and the USA/England game was one of the most intense matches I’ve ever seen.

In fact, despite a lot of draws and scoreless halves, I can’t seem to accomplish anything while a match is on. I can’t look away because I know as soon as I do something will happen. For example, Germany made it 3-0 on Monday and I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. It was 4-0 before I sat back down. God. Dammit. Missing a goal in hockey is bad enough, but missing one in soccer? Killer. I hate myself.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m getting out of the World Cup, but I think it’s pretty obvious. Hockey is gone for the summer and football still in its initial stages. Basketball is done after tomorrow night, and while baseball will be a wonderful constant presence in my life this summer, there will be a big gap in my fanaticism once roundball ends. The World Cup extends that bit of crazy for an extra month every four years, and so I’ve embraced the opportunity with open arms.

So yes, I’m pretty crazy about the World Cup at the moment, but I’m struggling to find a balance to it all. Life is slowly creeping up on me here, and things need to get done eventually, right?

So, something has to change. Either I need to


  1. Get a DVR my friend.

    I find the games great for doing something else to. You can listen and tell when there’s some pressure, stop and watch, then go back to whatever.

  2. Jim

    Yeah, it’s great fun, especially when you’re living in London. I remember being at Canisius during the Sabres’ playoff runs of 1998-2001, and the fanaticism during the England-USA game Saturday was that x1000. (Luckily, I wasn’t able to buy an American jersey or else I would have been in big trouble on the train home.) Looking forward to going to watch the USA game on Friday with the Slovenian embassy.