Year Three

By Chris

Well, hello there. Remember me? No? Oh. Well then.

It’s been quiet in the Roost this month and we really do apologize (I’ve got a massive Sabres wrap-up sitting five-eighths finished in draft that I need to wrap up before they trade Tim Connolly). It’s not like us to be silent for a day let alone a week or so. Times are a-changing, but that’s really no excuse.

Three years ago, Ryan, Jon and I jumped in an AIM chat and set the wheels in motion. We were college students who liked sports and liked to write. It was as simple as that. Rich joined a little later on and we were off and running — believe it or not, I didn’t even know Ryan and Rich prior to May 10, 2007. Now they’re good friends.

Since we started, not much has changed until recently. Today we all stand at a crossroads regarding what to do with the rest of our lives.

Looking back, there has been one constant: The Roost. There are very few posts on this site that have been written without at least one conversation between us. So we are all involved, even if it’s just behind the scenes. It’s always been there for us to vent, hypothesize and daydream.

As we move forward — with whatever it is we end up doing — we’ll always have one thing in common that’s been with us since we were little. We’re Buffalo sports fans. Tortured souls who know more heartache than jubilation. Optimistic, yet eternally cynical. It’s not something you grow out of. It’s who we are. And if you’re reading this, it probably describes you as well.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has ever even batted an eyelash at our little corner of the Internet, for good or bad. It’s humbling to know that there are people who care about what any of us have to say about anything.

As we celebrate our third birthday, we know we’ve still got a lot of work to do. The sky is the limit and we’ve got some big ideas mixed in with the mandatory minor tweaks. Our original goal was to just keep us writing and we still have a lot more to say. I think now we may actually have more time to say them than ever before (fingers crossed).

We’ve been conditioned to believe that things can be too good to be true, always waiting for that other shoe to drop, but I can honestly say that the Roost is an exception. Not only has it been the house to many of our thought, theories and opinions, but it’s allowed me to meet some awesome people and realize what kind of influence sports have on our lives.

I wouldn’t be the same person without this site. It’s true.

So here’s to three years and many more. Make a wish.


  1. Mike

    There needs to be a picture of Sadney Crosby up stat.

  2. Mark B.

    This has nothing to do with your post really, but Batman Year 3 is one of the fondest memories of my comic book reading history. Cool to see that!

  3. CONGRATS to you guys on the good work you do. You have a come a long way from your humble beginnings and are receiving recognition and status as a legitimate media outlet. Keep it going!