Tall Pines and Lost Euros

by Ryan

The Spits won the Memorial Cup on Sunday night, and SabresProspects has a nice little Zack Kassian-centric recap. He also has word that prospect Philip Gogulla has gone back to Europe after a year with the Pirates. Given how poorly the Sabres’ recent European draft picks have turned out, it’s no wonder they have drafted exclusively North American talent over the last two years.

This was a pretty cool article about Buffalo bars in New York City. Any of our readers ever go to one?

EA Sports has announced that Gus Johnson will be the new voice of Madden. That means you no longer have to use the Gus Johnson Soundboard with the game on mute.

Here’s another article about Gus, becuase you know you’re excited about this.

Yahoo Sports had a great article about Marshawn Lynch that is a must-read for Bills fans. There’s a lot to talk about there, so hopefully I get some thoughts together before OTAs are done.

Buffalo Rumblings also has a cool interview with former Bill Jay Riemersma, who is now running for Congress. Life is strange.

Everyone seems to have fond memories of Jose Lima, who passed away a few days ago. Posnanski had a pretty cool post on his blog about it, so go check that out. I think we’ll just link to Pos every single time we do a links post. That cool?

Speaking of Check It Out, has anyone been watching Dr. Steve Brule on his new show? I think you should.

Clearly I was not paying enough attention during the 11 times I’ve seen this movie. Holy crap, indeed.


  1. Regarding the BTTF link, consider my mind blown.

  2. jack

    holy shit back to the future

    also, ive been to a buffalo bar in baltimore a few times for bills games – pretty awesome

  3. Ricky

    McFadden’s is quite amazing for Bills games I’ve been there a couple times. Youtube it and look at some of the videos of the reactions inside the bar after a Bills win, yea its pretty amazing.

  4. Mox

    Enjoyed the article on Jose Lima…

    but the new John C Reilly show on Adult swim isn’t funny and neither is the Tim & Eric show.

  5. Ogre39666

    Tim & Eric are geniuses.

  6. deanna

    i might be a little late to the game here, but as a native buffalonian living in NYC, i am quite familiar with many of those places listed in the article. mcfaddens for bills games is WILD. ive been to the black fin, kelly’s and the blue moon for hockey games. its especially great to go to any of those places for a buffalo sporting event. im always running into someone i know or at the very least someone who knows someone i know. no matter how hard i try, i cant seem to escape too far from buffalo… kind of comforting, actually.

    now if i could only find a place that knows what a decent chicken finger sub is supposed to taste like….