Storm Clouds and Cheese Triangles

by Ryan

Why are you inside reading this? Go outside and enjoy the nice weather before the clouds roll in and hellfire destroys Coca Cola Field so we can’t see Stephen Strasburg pitch. But seriously, if you’re inside and bored here are some links that may interest you.

With the nice weather we’ve had lately you may be roped into a game of whiffle ball. I say forget whiffle ball, go get one of these and have some real fun. I might find one and do a product review, if I can find some people willing to play with me. Roost Skybat League, anyone?

If you’re someone who eats at Subway a lot, this little bit of news may be glorious music to your ears. I love the story for two reasons. First, it uses the word “tessellate”, which is a phenomenal word. Second, as someone who knows the struggles of Sandwich Artist I can only imagine the outrage Subway workers will deal with. People take their $5 foot longs seriously, man.

If you have an HD television and don’t know about overscan, you might want to give this a read. You might be missing a good game on your set.

Chris and I have been getting pretty excited about soccer these days, and twoeightnine may have the perfect shirt for you if you feel the same way. I’m pretty sure Chris already bought one, and if you don’t want to support FC Buffalo with a purchase you might want to pull the trigger on that beauty.

Speaking of the Beautiful Game, it looks like people are unhappy with the ball they will use for the World Cup. If you remember when the NBA had a little controversy over their balls, they changed them in a hurry. I doubt the same thing happens here.


  1. im excited about soccer too, and i can’t believe that about the ball. what a shame that something so important can get messed so bad due to money obligations. sigh.

  2. If you find one, I’m in for the Goose Skybat League. The video review on your link is kind of silly though. Is it really THAT hard to hit a Whiffle ball at least slightly?

    I’m in for the World Cup. No idea why, but hey, let’s do it.

  3. I work for Subway (not in a store) and received a “Subway to Subway” monthly newsletter in my e-mail today with an article about the revised cheese pattern. it is to take effect WORLDWIDE on July 1, so I’m sure our Buffalo stores will be part of that. (and if they aren’t I want you to let me know because I can directly take care of that.)

    I just had to share that it’s not just in Australia and New Zeland. 🙂

  4. *that should say Zealand-

    and the Sky Bat thing looks really fun. But it could get tricky to chase down the balls..