Reigning Champs

by Ryan

There are times when it is obvious we are sports nerds. It might not be apparent with every post, but every once in a while we drop something on you that makes it clear we spend our evenings in the basement eating pudding. This is one of those posts:

I don’t think I have to say it, but Champs Hockey cards are awesome. I bought a box a few days after the playoffs started and was really happy with the quality of the cards and the goofy extras they included. Obviously borrowing from the wildly successful Allen and Ginter baseball cards, Champs has Machu Picchu and a gray whale cards in the rotation as well as a number of current and former players.

It’s a goofy set for sure, but it has some cool things in there to keep you interested. If you absolutely have to waste $20 on hockey cards at Target, make this what you spend that Jackson on.