Rain, Jaws, and Bye Bye Dickey

by Ryan

Just a few links as I completely change my plans around for today:

– As you know our little road trip was blown up by some rain, which means Strasburg takes the mound tonight in Rochester. I have four tickets and no one to go with, so that’s not happening. It sounds like we will be planning another road trip over the summer, but mostly because I’d like to get my $48 worth.

– Instead of driving to Rochester, I’ll be taking in the Bisons game from the press box tonight. The Herd lost in extras last night to open a three-game set against Charlotte, and will have righty Dylan Owen on the mound tonight. Owen is taking the place of Roost-favorite R.A. Dickey, who will be starting for the Metropolitans tonight. I’ll miss the knuckleballer for sure, but Owen will be an interesting story. He has spent 2010 in Binghamton, going 2-1 with a 2.82ERA in seven games (six starts). Also, Mike Hessman continues to be a monster. He hit is 13th home run of the season last night. Good times.

– I feel pretty bad that I convinced Paul from Hockey Rhetoric to go with us to Rochester last night despite the game not happening. We spent the evening with him and had a great time, so the least you can do is read his latest post, right?

– I saw this one someone’s Facebook wall a few weeks ago and was blown away. Give it a look and tell me what it means. I think it’s way over my head.

– I’m waiting to talk about the Grier signing until I think it over a bit, but I think the Caps making the Backstrom deal happen is an even more interesting topic. I know Caps fans (and their PR staff) will defend it to the death on Twitter, but I can’t shake the feeling that the deal will come back to bite them. Take it with a grain of nothing, but something feels wrong about that length and that amount per year. I don’t know… let’s move on…

– As someone who spent the weekend hearing graduation speeches and is getting ready for more of them, this was a good read.

– NFL Matchup is the only interesting football show ESPN carries. Which is why it makes perfect sense that it might not air anymore. I’m sure someone will step in and save it in some way, but it really is shocking that the one show that makes me feel like a smarter football fan when I watch can’t find support. Maybe if they didn’t bury it so only insomniacs like me can watch it they might see some ratings.

– The URST guys have their Cowboys Stadium review up. They should be planning a trip to the Meadowlands as I type, and I am very jealous of them for it.

– We’ve really appreciated the suggestions for our Reading With the Roost series. If you have any other ideas feel free to drop a note. We should have a reading list out by Friday. I’m excited to get down to business with it.


  1. Mike

    Remember when the Caps threw a ton of money and years at Jaromir Jagr and then were so desperate to get rid of him that they paid his salary with the Rangers for a few years?
    Me neither.

  2. Peter-usrt

    Meadowlands….Pittsburgh…..Orlando…….Minneapolis…..Kansas City…….It never ends…did I mention England?