No Golf Here. Yet.

by Ryan

I have no idea what’s going on in the above photo, but this Nike Soccer video is fantastic. Is anyone else excited for the World Cup?

Joe Posnanski’s Strasburg article was great as expected. The closer we get to a potential start in Buffalo the more it looks like it’s not going to happen, which makes missing him on Wednesday suck that much more. Not that I’m extremely bitter or anything. Not at all.

I was watching Lincecum’s start for the Giants last night and noticed they mentioned dynamic pricing for their home games. I did a bit of research and found out they announced this back in February and it’s been working pretty well so far. MSNBC’s Sports Biz had an article about it yesterday as well. The Sabres were one of the first teams to take advantage of variable pricing based on opponent, but I wonder if they look into dynamic pricing with some of the games that will become more difficult to sell.

Somehow the Wizards won the NBA Draft Lottery earlier this week and will be picking first, but twoeightnine is banking on that pick being John Wall. I won’t be buying that shirt, but I’m seriously debating a Nashty, which has been making the rounds as of late. I’m pretty sure my inherent whiteness will mesh with Nash’s hockey-like toughness. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

John Maine was taken out of last night’s Mets game after five pitches because of “diminishing velocity.” That’s something that got the press box buzzing, as Bisons starter Pat Mish worked another strong outing to push his record to 4-0. They start on the same day, so Mish would be the logical replacement if Maine is hurt longterm. As it turns out, he’s completely okay if you ask him:

“I guess they didn’t see 95 (miles per hour),” he said, his face crunched into a tight scowl. “I mean, it was a little slower, but it was the third batter of the game. I mean, cut me a little slack, you know? The last couple pitches, I started getting back to normal. The first couple pitches. Whatever.”

According to a team spokesman, Maine will see a physician today in New York. The team did not name a specific physical issue. Maine’s troubles last night began during his pregame bullpen session. Warthen noticed that the righthander’s velocity was lower than usual, but Maine convinced him he could start the game.

In the bottom of the first, Maine threw five pitches in walking Nyjer Morgan, all between 82-25 miles per hour. Warthen and Jerry Manuel then visited the mound as Maine leaned forward with hands on his legs, and Manuel soon signaled for Valdes before abruptly departing the field. Maine and Manuel, who did not speak on the field, argued in the dugout.

“When you throw your first pitch and you…see a guy warming up in the bullpen, it’s a lose-lose situation,” Maine said.

Clearly, things are going well in New York. If they don’t show up this weekend against the Yankees we could be seeing some big changes in the Big Apple; changes that will absolutely affect the Farm.


  1. I’d love to see Maine get a “rehab” stint in Buffalo. His uncle was my high school coach.

  2. Nike always has awesome soccer ads.