Links… with Pizazz?

by Ryan

Brad Riter was talking about this on his show yesterday. It’s probably the greatest political ad in the history of mankind. Daisy Girl who?

I want to make these links posts a bit more common, but one thing that always bothered me was how plain they look. So I’m trying something different. Thoughts on the buffalo to the left? Better than a bullet point? Worse? Don’t care?

So the London Olympics decided to unviel the mascots for the 2012 games. Creepy is a word for them. Another one is “awful.”

Friend of the Roost The Tick is turning Honk if You Love Justice into a site that doesn’t talk about the Sabres. He’ll be doing that at Shutdown Pair, which is a killer name for a hockey blog if you ask me. Adjust your RSS feeds accordingly.

I think we have to admit I missed a great game in Rochester last night. Strasburg pitched great for the Chiefs and I’m staring at four unused tickets for the game right now. Such shame. Still, I’d check out the Verducci story from before the game. Inside Pitch has postgame audio if that sort of thing interests you. It certainly doesn’t sound like a minor league presser, that’s for sure. I for one can’t wait to see Joe Posnanski’s column on Strasburg, he always comes up big at these moments.

On the R.A. Dickey front, he earned a no-decision last night in Washington, allowing two runs on five hits over six. He got himself into trouble in a few times, giving up the two runs with the bases loaded in the fourth, but overall he was solid. He made a nice catch diving off the mound for the first out of the game, and although he seemed to work a bit slower than he did in the minors, he looked comfortable. The New York Times Bats blog has some quotes from Dickey and current manager Jerry Manuel, who indicated Dickey will get another start with the Mets.

Dwayne Bowe is full of stupid. That is all.


  1. Pos’s article is already out. It’s on SI.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the link!

  3. I’m a fan of a couple of buffaloes, but once you’ve used more than a couple it looks a bit cluttery especially when they’re right on top of each other. Between this and the old way, I prefer the cleaner look of the old way. But I do like the idea of doing something bullet point-y.

  4. that commercial reached a whole new level when that rifle popped out of no where. ha