Here’s to the Rest of the World

by Ryan

Three years ago I pulled an all-nighter, took a Latin exam, and wrote 1/3 of this post. Today I wrote my last paper as an undergraduate student. That all happened very, very quickly.

My life has not gone according to the script in my head. We all have that mess of running plot lines up there, the way we expect things to go. You plan a trip to Fenway Park and try to imagine what it’s like, but you never get it exactly right. The park isn’t where you thought it would be, and Lansdowne looks a bit different than it does on TV. It’s never exactly what you expected, but oftentimes it’s so much better than you imagined.

That’s what comes to mind when I think about the blog over the last three years. We started this thing not really having a clue what the hell we were doing, right after our first year of college with no real future in mind. Three years later my college career is over and I’m supposed to start real life, I suppose. Chris graduated last week. Rich lives in Miami. Jon is job hunting in Albany. Things got real weird and we got old really, really fast.

I guess I’m supposed to have things figured out by now. Grad school or a way to pay back all those loans, or maybe an idea of what I’d like to do with my life. Sadly, none of that is in the works at the moment. I’m just another 21-year-old that has no idea what’s coming down the road. So there you have it, all those times the Roost went dark I was finishing papers and holding down minimum wage jobs.

Still, all that schooling and I have to admit this is the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to my education. Like it or not, I learned to write here. The Roost is where I found my voice, rediscovered my love of sports and got over a lot of fears I have when it comes to sharing opinions. The internet is a big, bad place but this is where I gained confidence and got knocked down a few pegs at times. No one wants a 500 word comment left on a post, but those are the learning experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

More than that, I got a chance to try out that “watching sports in the press box thing.” Andrew got things rolling for me, and before I knew it I had covered AHL hockey games, the Bandits and even the Buffalo Bisons. That’s something I never thought I’d get to do, let alone because of a little site like this.

We’ve done a lot of crazy things and it’s been a lot of fun, but I think the best thing I can say about this place is that I’ve met a lot of interesting people. And not in that “I’m going to get murdered in an alley” kind of interesting, but a “these are genuine, likable people” kind of interesting. There are people I’ve met through this blog that I would call good friends, and that includes the people I write with. If not for this site Chris and I don’t ever meet, and I don’t stay in touch with a guy who lives 1400 miles away.

Chris said a lot of the things I wanted to, so I’ll close it out by saying this: thanks for giving us a chance. Whether you read us once or come back every day hoping we did something new, we really appreciate you stopping by. You’re the reason I decided to give this whole writing thing a shot as a career, and I’m excited to see what happens next. Just because we have to go be adults doesn’t mean this site goes away. Hopefully we’re just getting started.

Life never goes according to the script in your head, but this place is going to stay in the story no matter what.


  1. I know that lion with the 3 must be symbolic for the 3 a.m. text I got from you last week saying “LONG LIVE THE LION KING!” 🙂
    Second pic appears to be a form of the curious griffin. Love it.

    Keep praying man. You got the stuff.. God has big things planned. The best is yet to come….. Don’t forget us little people when you go big time.

    No matter what happens or how bad things get for people, sports will always be there. For three hours on Sunday afternoon, life is good. (In theory at least… kind of hard to say when we suck.) There’s nothing better than throwing back a cold one and watching the game, when I become of age, that is.

    Long story short, you are going to be missed. Dearly. All we have to take solace in is the fact that we know you’re on to bigger and better things. People will always need their sports, and you get to bring it to them.

    This is the spot where there is usually a dramatic, Jim Rome style pause, followed by a “it’s finally hitting me” moment and an awkward “I love you man” under your breath, but that seems weird comingfrom someone who shared a bed with you, so I’ll just leave it out all together.
    Hope this 500 word comment is okay.

  2. One of the most depressing, exciting, inspiring, demoralizing times in our lives. I’m glad I’ve got people like you to ride it out with Ryan. For real.

  3. Mike

    Congratulations. Also, don’t go to law school. It’s not the answer, no matter how you might be feeling.

  4. Mark B.

    Ryan, well written as usual. I look forward to posts from you guys for many, many years to come. And it was very cool meeting you at the Sabres playoff game (too bad the result of the game sucked) – I was pleased that in “real” life you were pretty much as I imagined, a class act.