Greatest Hits, Volume Three

As we continue our third birthday celebration, we give you Greatest Hits, Volume Three: the best of the Roost from the past twelve months.

May 2009

Hope and Season Tickets: Ryan waxes poetic about Andy Dufresne and season ticket renewals, reminding us that the most painful playoff exit is still better than the vacuum of missing the postseason altogether.

Keys, Hate and Reality: Ryan attempted to head off the T.O. media circus. Was he successful?

Niese Struggles as Clippers Cruise: Ryan’s first game story from the Bisons’ press box included a less-than-stellar start from future Met Jon Niese.

June 2009

Eye of the Storm: Ryan delves into the familiar waters of schadenfreude to enjoy the Carolina Hurricanes’ playoff exit.

Reading With the Roost: Outliers, Part One: Part One of our epic coverage of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

Reading With the Roost: Outliers, Part Two: Part Two of our epic coverage of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

Blue Paint and Skate Blades: Ten years later, Brett Hull briefly ruins our day once again.

Reading With the Roost: Searching for Bobby Orr: Ryan takes on one of the great hockey books ever written.

July 2009

Ghosts of Competence: Ryan calls out the Sabres spin department after they retract their infamous “Darcy answering questions half an hour after the start of free agency” tweet.

Titans of Reality: Manny leaves the Red Sox. Ryan gets sad.

No Slope: Ryan likes this post a bit less in hindsight, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

The Joe DiPenta Problem: A post about perception.

End of an Era: The death of a Mini Pack.

Barriers at the Ballpark: An interesting

August 2009

Kane in Custody: Yeah, that post was fun.

Football at One, Hockey at Seven: Another crack at being a fan.

September 2009

In Search of Dead Trees: We were in The Hockey News once.

Magic, Logic, and Hope: Monday Night Football losses always create good posts.

October 2009

On Swagger: Ryan’s take on Miami football.

All Aboard: Chris gets the bandwagon moving on the Sabres.

A View From the Roost: Familiar Faces: Max comes back with a vengeance.

Reality and Roster Spots: On trading away Dan Paille, and what it means for Darcy.

The Limit: Remember when Tyler Myers scored that shootout goal? I do.

Ice Blocks and Irishmen: Sometimes Ryan writes about Thoreau.

November 2009

Take Two: Recapping one of the best weekends of the season.

Reexamination: A second look at the legacy of Maxim Afinogenov

Are You Not Entertained?: Ryan photoshopped Thomas Vanek’s face onto the body of Maximus. What more do you need to know?

December 2009

On Eastwood in August: Ryan attempts to explain that Pat Kane mess from over the summer.

Nothing to Fear With Quinn at UB: Chris on the new face of UB football.

January 2010

On Water Fowl and Patriotism: Goose and Team USA. A dream that died too soon.

Pad the Stats: Chris got really, really angry about that loss Miller ended up with.

Miller’s Uncle Sam Head: This post was a huuuge hit during the Olympics.

Happiness is a Warm Gun: Setting up the trade deadline this year.

February 2010

On Unbased Rumors: Chris kills a few pesky trade rumors dead.

Wants and Needs: Columbus Blue Jackets: Then Chris predicted the Sabres would pick up Raffi Torres. It was a big month for Chris.

Gold Medals and Psilence: We talked a lot about the Olympics this month.

Introducing RoostCast: The Goose’s Roost Podcast: The launch of our podcast, which went smoothly…more or less.

The Winner and the Story: Ryan looks back on the evolution of Ryan Miller from shell-shocked kid to hero of the US run to the medal round.

March 2010

Periodic Table of Hockey: The gold medal game loss to Canada evokes familiar emotions from Ryan: appreciation for a moment of transcendence, followed quickly by soul-crushing defeat.

The Hammer Returns: Pat Kaleta’s return prompts Chris to examine the evolution we’ve seen from him since he joined the Sabres.

How to Lose Fans and Alienate People: Chris pleads against the drafting of Tim Tebow. Thankfully, Denver saved us from this ever being an issue.

The Keep Your Head Up Kid: Chris examines an…interesting CBC portrayal of the life of Don Cherry.

Honor: Ryan wonders what this Sabres season means, and decides that we won’t be able to understand the story until we see the end. Oddly prophetic.

April 2010

On The Market: This year’s April Fool’s post. Admit it, we got you.

And One: Ryan ponders the significance of this year’s Sabres team as they clinch the division title but offer few answers.

Blacked Out: Chris pontificates on the possibility of network blackout rights canceling a Party in the Plaza.

Because “Fear the Greir” was Already Taken: Chris shows some love to the perpetually undervalued Mike Grier.

The Villain: Chris dispenses a healthy dose of hate in the general direction of Zdeno Chara.

The System: An instant classic, Ryan’s thorough exploration about the true “system” that powers the Sabres.

Dickey Retires 27 Straight: Bad pitcher-turned-good-knuckleballer R.A. Dickey throws a perfect game after giving up a leadoff single in Buffalo.

May 2010

The Youth: Ryan discusses Reds phenom Aroldis Chapman and his unusual approach to the spotlight.