For All the Marbles

by Ryan

If there is one thing that excites me about a Game Seven, it is this:

CBC always does a great job with the opening montage of a Game Seven. I was talking to a few people on Twitter about how much I love CBC’s hockey broadcast, and one of the big reasons I love it is the way they present the game itself. That starts with these montages, and I think it makes a lot of sense that they do it better than Versus. CBC may have bias and isn’t afraid to show it, but they just know hockey better. They understand the moment and what it means, and so they know how to approach that moment correctly. It starts with the people they put on air and goes all they way down to the guy editing the montage you see above. You can even hear it in the way they mic the game: it just sounds better.

One interesting thing I’ve come to believe about CBC is that the bias they establish is by choice but is also necessary. They show bias when they announce Canadian teams not because they want to, but because their audience demands it.

Or at least they feel their audience demands it. Their desire to see a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup is almost as strong as their desire to win Olympic Gold. There are exceptions, of course, but CBC isn’t stupid. CBC reaches an audience that happens to extend into places like Buffalo, but for the most part I’d imagine Canadians take pride in the way the game is called. It’s the way they want playoff hockey to be announced: Like it’s life or death.

Tonight we will see the Flyers try to make history, and the Bruins hold on. I really can’t bring myself to root for a team at this point, I don’t think many Sabres fans can force themselves to root for the Flyers or Bruins. If you can pick one, give me a reason why.

I will be watching the game eventually, but when I do I’m watching CBC first.


  1. Flyers. I know there’s history and bad blood and 1975 and Shields vs Snow and John LeClair’s “goal”, but I have never and will never cheer for the team that eliminated the Sabres. And that means that I root for the Flyers tonight. Easy as that.

  2. One of the things I miss the most since moving away from Buffalo is CBC’s broadcast of any hockey game. One thing you didn’t mention directly that I also enjoy is the fact that they show the anthems. They create an effect where it feels as if you are actually at the game by giving you extended camera shots, pre-Anthems, with no commentary of just the crowd and the players skating around with the lights dimmed and then they go right into the Anthems. VS and other US networks, even down to the local ones, want to fill up as much space with commercials and commentary/talking heads as possible. CBC’s broadcast creates atmosphere. And you’re right, however they have it mic’d does sound much better. And I honestly never noticed much bias, I mean, it’s not biased like a Sabres MSG broadcast, haha.

    Im not a Sabres fan, so idk how they feel, but I usually root for the team that eliminated the Caps(my team), unless that team is Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. I can’t root for those two teams under any circumstances. But I usually want the team that knocked my team out to go as far as possible because at least that means we got eliminated by a quality team that was apparently on top of their game and just playing better in the post-season than my team. It seems to take the sting off. If you’re gonna get beat, I’d like to know the Caps got beat by the best, or close to it.

  3. And of course the game wasn’t on CBC tonight. But great comments, guys…

  4. Ogre39666

    I hate everything and anything about Philadelphia except cheese stake. The place is approaching Sodom and Gomorrah status.

    Too bad the Bruins’ top guys did their best #9,19,29 impressions in the 2nd and 3rd periods…

  5. I too was rooting for the Bruins, though that was breaking my usual default of rooting against the team that eliminated the Sabres. I just saw the choice between the Bruins winning the series, and the Flyers winning the series and making history and setting the benchmark for for comeback achievement and being talked about in awe for years after this. I would have rather had the Bruins just win so we could have forgotten about this series in a couple of weeks and never have had to speak of it again. Alas.