Fireballers and Unicorn Bus Accidents

After going on the radio and saying Strasburg isn’t coming to Buffalo, it turns out he may be coming after all. Inside Pitch has the details, and I have my press pass at the ready if he’s here. If it happens I’m more than willing to be a liar. Fingers crossed.

Former Oilers owner Peter Pocklington is going to prison. I’m about 1/4 through Gretzky’s Tears at the moment, and Pocklington is a big character in the story so far. Is anyone else reading that with us? I hope to write about it sometime next week.

Adam Foote will still be playing hockey next year. Foote coming back makes me wonder just how important he is to the development of the younger players on the roster. There’s a lot I still don’t understand about how the Avs got so good so fast, and I think part of it is Foote’s presence on the team.

If any of you are getting ready for July 1, this is going to be pretty awesome.

David Ortiz hit another home run last night, which I totally timed after watching this. Don’t care, it’s good to have Papi back.

If you think Tim Lincecum looks like a dirty hippie, this video is all the proof you need that you’re right.

One thing the huge gap between now and the Cup Finals is that I’ve become much more interested in basketball. I’m actually really excited for Game Five of the Suns/Lakers series, which is going down tonight. Steve Nash is a lot of fun to watch, and who knows what Kobe and company can do at home. I’m hoping to put together a podcast about the series with Rich, so hope for fun things to happen tonight so we have something to talk about.