Baseball Links and Thoughts

– This was a few weeks ago, but I thought this was a pretty cool concept: a social media box at Tribe games. I have no idea what this means for anything, but I think it will be interesting to see how this goes for baseball, especially the Indians. Not a good year to start it if you ask me.

– This was also a few weeks ago, but this was absolutely hilarious. Don’t ever change, Tony La Russa.

– Ernie Harwel passed away last week, but if you’ve never read this give it a look. Here’s his Hall of Fame introduction speech. Chilling.

– The Red Sox and Yankees play a goofy two-game series this week. I’m hoping the games are a bit more watchable this time around. Also, this will give me a nice little gap so that my new monitor can get shipped to me. It will be nice to watch shiny new baseball on my computer and multi task again.

– If you’re following the Aroldis Chapman story, he had a rough outing in his last start in Rochester.

– Speaking of Rochester, last night I bought tickets for tomorrow’s Red Wings game against Syracuse. I’m not usually one to take road trips to see minor league baseball, but when it may be Stephen Strasburg’s last minor league start you make exceptions. Expect a post about that for sure.

– On the Bisons front, the Herd got their four-game win streak snapped yesterday with a 5-4 loss to Norfolk downtown. I was honestly more surprised that Mike Hessman didn’t get a hit. The Bisons’ third baseman lost his 11-game hitting streak but has had a great start to the season and leads the IL with 12 home runs and 41 RBIs. He’s something to watch if you’re coming down to the ballpark this summer.

As far as pitching, former Bison and current Met Jon Niese left yesterday’s game with a right hamstring injury, and with Oliver Perez and his $36 million contract banished to the bullpen there are some holes to fill in the rotation. The Daily News’ Andy Martino suggests that Roost-favorite R.A. Dickey will get the call on Wednesday, so we’ll keep you posted. I’ll be in the box for tonight’s Bisons game, so look for something about that tonight as well.


  1. A social media box, eh? The concept is a thrilling one to be sure. Sure would love if the local teams did something of the sort, given how many Sabres blogs there seem to be.

  2. I kept meaning to post part of Harwell’s “Baseball is…” speech so I’m glad you linked it, Ryan. It’s a goosebump-inducer for sure.

    Love that LaRussa piece. If you haven’t read Posnanki’s “The Machine” then I highly recommend it. I’m about halfway through now and really enjoying it.