by Ryan

It is an eventuality that is now completely within means. Ottawa lost this afternoon on Long Island, which means the Sabres can clinch the Northeast Division with a win tonight. There has been little suspense in this division title, and frankly that’s exactly how I’d like to win these. That’s not something we’re used to as Sabres fans, but after two seasons of struggles and failure, being back on top will feel pretty good.

Two years ago today Montreal ended the Sabres’ playoff hopes, eliminating the previous season’s President’s Trophy winners from the postseason. It was embarrassing, and most of all it meant that team was a far cry from the Sabres of a season before. Tonight, all of that can be forgotten.

We were going to wait until the postseason to break him out, but tonight seems important enough.


End it tonight. Go Sabres.


  1. SueInVirginia

    I guess you should have waited. Or did you mean to release the Kracken for Montreal?

    I’m being a little sarcastic. 😀

  2. dorry

    one and done. they are not a playoff team, nor do they belong in the playoffs. they are gutless, lazy millionaires. bring the kids from portland up and let them play