1. Bottom 6 showed. Top 6 didn’t. Rivet, Sekera, Torres, Stafford, Pominville, Roy, Connolly…nothing.

    No heart + No grit + No Powerplay = First round exit.

    Hecht was a major loss to us.

  2. nick

    chara. chara chara chara chara chara chara chara chara 100 times chara

  3. i was 100 percent prepared for this disappointment and i’m still angry.

  4. I hate the referees, I hate Chara, Boychuk, Lucic. I hate pretty much every team left in the Eastern Conference.

  5. chara. the bruins. the sabres in general for waiting til the last 5 minutes to step up most of the time. darcy.

    I DO NOT HATE the Tylers <3

  6. I’ve reached a conclusion: Halloween needs to come right after your team gets eliminated from the playoffs. What better way for a guy to get over a loss than alcohol, chocolate, and easy women? tell me you couldnt go for that right now.
    and to think i almost scratched that off the “real” holiday list….

  7. Chris

    Kevin Pollock and Kelly Sutherland. The call on McCormick was ridiculous. Also, our non-existent powerplay. And the top 6.

  8. Chara for being an asshat with a cage. Girlchuk for contributing to the Boston win my taking out Vanek, and the officials for cementing the Boston win.

    Claude Julien for being a fat bag of crap. When he’s on the bench, I expect him to have a rat-like creature sitting in his fat folds and attempt to freeze Han Solo in carbonite.

  9. The powerplay, for being 0-for-infinity.

    The penalty kill, for being the opposite of that.

    9, 19, and 29.

  10. Eric @ 3MI

    Adam Mair for being the coach’s pet to the degree that Lindy would give an aging fringe NHLer more minutes than players with actual talent. Go pick a bar fight in some other NHL city. I don’t want to watch you overskate a puck or be blatantly out of position ever again.

    Good friggin’ riddance. Get off my roster, you slob.

  11. Erika

    Lindy Ruff. God forbid anyone get upset with him. Most coaches don’t get 20 years to win a cup based on being just good enough to drive sales.

    I’ve been saying all series to bench the top two lines. But most of me thinks it is either the responsibility of the head coach to bench, or to motivate. Or to deal with this shit before today…so Lindy Ruff.

    The fans. If no one else will hold this team accountable, we must. Quit buying their merch and tickets (if you quit, I’ll quit).

  12. Ogre39666

    Full-on hate: Roy, Pommers, Lydman, Tallinder, Boychuck, Chara, Satan, Krejci, Recchi, whomever runs the PP.
    Semi-hate: Connolly (I think the foot injury was still bothering him so he gets a semi-pass for skating like an 75yo woman), Stafford (moronic game-4 too many men and never living up to his potential), Montador (for taking a penalty), the refs (easy scape goat), Darcy (only because making large-scale, wholesale changes isn’t his style and large-scale, wholesale changes is probably what this team needs).

    Who I love more: ENNIS!!!!!, Gerbe.

  13. Erika

    Oh, and Craig Rivet. With about 5 minutes to go I called the game over based on the bench players putting their heads down and making ugly faces at one another (or the ground). Rivet doesn’t put the puck in the net all that much, so his leadership abilities must be, by default, motivation and encouragement.


    …and Lindy Ruff. Did I say that?

  14. Ogre39666

    Oh yeah.
    Added to the “Full-on hate” group: Torres (for not bringing his Columbus-style game to Buffalo).

  15. Becky

    Hate is too string of a word, but right now I blame the Sabres for getting our hopes up and then just not being good enough…in fact even “good enough” doesn’t cut it in the playoffs.

  16. The Old Core. Unfortunately, the main draws of that group, Roy, Pominville, and Connolly are on contract for a while (though TC just for one more year).

    I can’t say that three years of 90 or more points in the regular season, a divisional championship, and a playoff appearance, is as a whole a failure.

    I can say that the Old Core, while having a solid regular season, failed when it mattered most.

    I don’t blame Ruff. Every whiny post-game loss was full of quotes saying “when we play The System, we win. When we don’t, we lose.”

    I don’t blame Reiger. His draft picks are going to make this team amazingly fun to watch next year.

    Bring on the New Core.

    Lastly, I blame Raffi. He was the combined failures of Afinogenov and MacArthur, Stafford and Roy/Pommer/TC all wrapped up in one blue and gold jersey. I don’t even know what number he wore, already. I hope none of us bought his jersey.

    Oh, and I can say it once more before he skates wonkily off into the sunset: LALIME SUCKS!

  17. SueInVA

    I hate the Bruin king troll, Clod the petulant, his turtle giant and his lieutenant vomit! Oh, and SATAN! Trying to start a fight. Like RJ said, “Give me a break”!

    I also hate the way fans always want to tear the team apart when they lose. For about one day in January, I thought they could go all the way but they aren’t ready yet. I’m already excited for next year.

    Because …

    I love the Tylers!!! And Millsy, even when he doesn’t stone everyone! And Mike Grier (Please stay!) And even Tallinder, who I so wanted gone after last year. See things can change!


  18. Steve

    Connolly and Roy. When your top 2 centers have 3 points combined, you’re probably not winning the series. How many glorious chances did Roy miss on? And if Connolly was still hurt he shouldn’t have been on the top line (so Lindy).

  19. I hate dumb penalties that lead to goals, I hate lazy back checking that lead to goals. I hate the guys that don’t go full out in the playoffs.

    I hate not feeling tension anymore during the playoffs, since I don’t care who wins. Well I hope the Pens wipe the floor with the Bruins, unless Montreal wins. Then a Philly Boston series would be quite entertaining.

  20. deanna


  21. My feeling can best be expressed by the last 24 seconds of “Hit Em Up” by Tupac.

    “Now when I came, I done told you it was just about Chara…”

  22. Mike

    The Bruins defensive system outplayed the Sabres defensive system. Defense wins series. The end.

    Right now, I hate the New Jersey Devils. They didn’t have to play everyone in the last game of the year , including Brodeur (!). If they had lost, Buffalo would have played Philly and probably whupped them, and NJ would have probably beaten Boston, seeing as they took 3 out of 4 from them this year. Instead, because Jersey decided to win, both teams are out of the playoffs. Their coach had every reason to retire for this epic stupidity.