There’s Only One

By Chris

“Need is important, but it had to be a guy that we thought was the player that could come in here and start immediately. Not to say that some of those guys couldn’t, maybe they could, but we also think we have a chance to get that position filled later on in the draft. There’s only one Spiller.” -Buddy Nix

The Buffalo Bills have a lot of needs that can still be addressed in the draft. But last night, they went out and took the best offensive player available. Who knows if it’ll work out, but judging by how fast they submitted their pick, it’s good to know that Buddy Nix and the front office are confident in their selection.

Round Two starts at 6 p.m. tonight and the best news is that the Bills need a quarterback and Tim Tebow is already off the board. Thanks, Denver.


  1. Mike

    How do you feel about Nix saying that they were never really interested in Tebow?

  2. I believe him. He’s been pretty honest so far.

  3. Mike

    Also, the best thing about C.J. Spiller is that I’m pretty sure that he’s the only Bills draft pick ever to have been rendered in pepperoni form.