The Villain

By Chris

Do you really need a list of reasons to hate Zdeno Chara?

He’s the evil Tyler Myers. He clutches, he grabs, he gets away with it.

He’s wearing a facemask, so after he hits Pat Kaleta from behind, Kaleta can’t come back and punch him in the face. And then he bears that shit-eating grin because he knows he’s an untouchable.

He takes four minutes worth of penalties and leaves the box after two. He eats baby dolphins — raw. He came up with the idea of “No Turn on Red” and drafted J.P. Losman.

He’s actually the Zodiac Killer.

He gives you change with the coins on top of the bills and got rid of the “Dislike” button on Facebook. He’s friends with Miroslav Satan and thinks Justin Bieber is talented.

So if you go to the game tomorrow, please, please, please boo the hell out of him every time he touches the puck. He is the captain of the enemy and one player that certainly deserves the distinction of getting booed.

He is not welcome in our house. Make sure he knows it.


  1. Mike

    Anything related to Buffalo other than Wings is just the absolute worst…

  2. Jim

    Well said, I really hope his helmet gets pulled off an someone can give him a good shot to that busted up nose of his

  3. Ogre39666

    Did yo know that the character of Drago was actually based on Chara?
    (they made him Russian to avoid any potential lawsuits… since, you know, Chara wants to ruin everything)