The Slash

By Chris

A “lower body injury” sustained on this play knocked Thomas Vanek out of Game Two. It was a dirty play by Johnny Boychuk and since this is the NHL, he probably won’t be punished for it.

Watching him skate off reminded me of two plays that left my heart in my throat. The first was last March when Scott Gomez ran Ryan Miller and ended his season. The second was the home game this season against Detroit when Vanek scored, fell into the boards and missed a few games with a shoulder injury as a result. Not good memories.

With Jochen Hecht already out, Buffalo can’t afford to lose Vanek for any extended period of time, especially because he’s been so dominant in the last few games.

If there’s an update from the Sabres, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Video via Kuklas Korner.


  1. The slash looked like it was what hurt him, but then he skates off on his right leg…

  2. Ogre39666

    Bush league. Straight outta Mighty Ducks 2.

  3. dorry

    looked like a regular season game to me. vanek gets destroyed and everybody stands around. looks like one and done to me. no guts no glory ladies.

  4. SueInVirginia

    I’ve always said, you hit a guy with an intent to injure like a two handed slash is, if he goes out for the game, you go out for the game. Boychuk should have gotten an game misconduct. Now, we are looking at some old style retribution, probably by Kaleta and you can bet the Bruins won’t take it like men, they will be whining like little boys as they did after the first game. I like Mark Savard and Tim Thomas so I sometimes cheer for the Bruins. Not any more. My sister frequently reminds me they are scum!

    Hee! There is no hate like playoff hate! 😀