On new things and forced allusions

By Jon

For years, I’ve wanted to hit up a Bandits game at HSBC, but practicality always seemed to get in the way.

The ticket prices kept me away. I could never seem to justify spending $23 for a nosebleed seat at a minor-league level attraction. Factor in parking, gas, concessions, etc., and you have yourself a $40 night (and that’s if you’re only paying for yourself.)

But even when free tickets fell into my lap yesterday, I was still conflicted. Is a live Bandits game worth passing up the Final Four and a Sabres game on TV? In most cases, probably not. But I went anyway…

It was, in short, a hoot.

I won’t bore you with a game story, but an exciting game mixed with a boisterous crowd made for a great time. I was shocked to see so many people in the arena, and they were loud, knowledgeable, and orange-clad. It was impressive to say the least.

But still — $23 is a lot to pony up for a lacrosse game, me thinks. Between a popular buy-one, get-one promotion and ducats being handed out like candy to Sabres season ticket holders, I would venture a guess and say about 50 percent of the 16,000 or so in attendance received a free ticket. Good for atmosphere; bad for the bottom line.

Here’s my plea: Take four sections in the 300s — two behind each net — and offer up seats for $10 or $12. I know I would be much more inclined to attend multiple games each year at a discounted rate in a crappy seat, and I have a feeling I’m not alone.


A memo to the Associated Press, Jerry Sullivan, and every other writer or news organization at the Final Four this weekend: Stop with the “Hoosiers” references. Just stop.

I’ll admit it: I have never seen the movie. But by my understanding, here’s the most important plot point, as told by Wikipedia

Hickory shocks the entire state by reaching the state championship game. There, in a large arena and before a crowd the likes of which these players have never seen, Hickory faces long odds in defeating a team from South Bend that is deeper and more athletic. But with Chitwood once again coming to the rescue at the last possible second, tiny Hickory takes home the 1952 Indiana state championship.

Yes, I understand that Butler’s homecourt was in the movie. Yes, I understand there are some similarities in the underdog stories. But for the love of Jimmy Chitwood, come up with some sort of original angle! The “Hoosiers” angle was overplayed before it was played, yet every game story or column from Indianapolis contains a Hickory reference or twelve. Make it stop!

And while we’re on it, you headline writers need to give up. The Butler did it. I get it. How clever.


  1. Wait, I’m sorry. I got stuck at the part where you said you’ve never seen Hooisers.

  2. Jon

    I know, I know. I take so much flack from my friends for not seeing any of the classics. I’m a terrible person.

  3. Quick note, most of the lower bowl are season tickets so all of those are bought and paid for. Yes, most of the upper bowl are either given away but since the Sabres own the team, the bottom line is not that big of a deal.

  4. Peter-usrt

    Heather – co sign.

    Hoosiers: bestest sports movie ever.