Wants and Needs: St. Louis Blues

Tomorrow is D-Day 2010. Welcome to “Wants and Needs” where we look at the rosters of non-playoff contenders and find rental players that might help the Sabres. Today we purge the St. Louis Blues.

The likely suspects:

Paul Kariya (12 goals, 29 points, $6 million cap hit)
Keith Tkachuk (12 goals, 28 points, $2.125 million cap hit )
Alexander Steen (15 goals, 28 points, $1.7 million cap hit)
Carlo Colaiacovo (4 goals, 18 points, $1.4 million cap hit)

The only player I think I would really be interested in is Paul Kariya. He’s a veteran who’s hungry for a Stanley Cup ring. He’s bounced back nicely from an injury-plagued 2008-09 season and in the right role, could help a team in a playoff series.

I’ve never been a fan of Tkachuk and I’m not sure Steen adds what the mix apart from a lot of what the Sabres already have.

Coaliacovo could be interesting if the Sabres are looking to upgrade at defense. However, I don’t see the blueline as pressing a need as others (top six scorer, power play quarterback — who I may just start calling the “powerpoint”).

Erik Johnson is a restricted-free-agent-to be as well, but I highly doubt the Blues move their Olympian defenseman and more importantly, their captain.

The Blues don’t have a ton of chips to trade and since they’re five points out of a playoff spot, they may not do much at all. The deadline is 3 p.m. tomorrow. Your move, Darcy.