Trade Deadline Mega Live Blog

Well this is going to be a lot of fun. Any posts about trade news and other things will go below this one. Feel free to join us, we should have a lot of people chatting with us today. Thanks to all the other sites that are helping us out today, it’s going to be a lot of fun going through the chaos with you guys.

We also have a number of Twitter feeds automatically updating in there so we get the very latest from accredited news sources. No Eklund anywhere in sight here today. Here are a few resources you may want use throughout the day:

NHL Numbers: A great place for a look at other team’s salary cap and individual player cap hits.

Hockey Reference: An easy-to-use site for player and team stats.

Behind the Net: Great advanced statistics site, if you want to really get involved today.

NHL Standings: Pretty straightforward, really.

Globe on Hockey: Wherever James Mirtle calls home, you should as well. Here are two things you’ll want to keep checking, 1) a prediction of buyers and sellers and 2) a look at the 90+ Points or Bust chart.