1. Garrett

    You know that Asian guy is pumped to be getting a pic of Ryan Stiles.

  2. “So Ryan, Matt Man was about your favorite Today Show host right?”

  3. Mox

    Only thing I can think of when I see Matt Lauer is that line from Land of the Lost. “Matt Lauer can suck it!”

  4. Nick

    “Ryan, your medal appears to be bent”

  5. “You know that thing is silver, right?”

  6. SueInVA

    “Dude, you’re really skinny!”

  7. Ok, so you didn’t win gold. No one in this crowd seems to be paying any attention to you. Not even Lenny. But hey! At least you’re not Shuster.

  8. Amy

    Matt: “So are you related to fellow medal winning Olympian Bode Miller?”

  9. Matt: “Your sport is called…. hockey? Is this correct?”

  10. Matt: “Can I see your driver’s license so I’m sure I’m interviewing the real Ryan Miller? We’ve been burned before.”

  11. Lisa

    Matt: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    Ryan: *thinking* I can kill you with my brain.

  12. Jerry

    Playoffs?!?! you wanna talk about playoffs!!

  13. jack

    “so ryan…why exactly did you build a house across the street from an all girls high school?”

  14. Rick

    “Matt, If you try to touch the metal again, I am going to have Kaleta clean your clock for me!”