Start Over

by Ryan

Oh, hey there.

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I used to write about sports here. A lot. In fact, for about two years it was rare that 12 hours went by without a post of some sort on here. Those were the days.

Lately the Roost has been a disaster. You’ve heard my real voice more often than you’ve seen anything I’ve written, and if you’ve actually heard me mumble you know that’s a true crime. The truth is that things have been slipping here, and there’s no excuse.

The reasons are actually pretty simple. The Sabres were in a weird place and I wasn’t sure what to say about them. Then my laptop’s screen went dark and I had to convert it to a desktop, complete with a giant monitor manufactured in the 20th century. (gasp!) That further disrupted the posting rituals I had, and it’s been difficult to get back into a rhythm thus far.

What can I say? We are creatures of habit, and when workloads increase and I grow used to not writing the trend has to continue. The worst part is that there are plenty of things I’ve had to say, I just never found the time or the motivation to say them.

But that’s over now. This is too much fun to just let fall by the wayside, and so consider this an apology to both you, the reader, and to myself. This site is about a lot more than just writing things for people to read; it’s about how much fun being a sports fan is. If I can’t make time for that, then I need to do some serious soul searching.

Now I really don’t want to do all that, so I guess I better start posting around here more often. Let’s start with this. Talk to you soon.


  1. ScottyMCSSProSportsDaily

    It’s about time; I was getting sick of having to resort to the Buffalo News. Good lord. Dark days, Roost, dark days indeed.

  2. Ogre39666

    To be honest, I haven’t been visiting that often (The Roost or any blog really, so don’t feel jealous or take that as a shot).

    Welcome back to the both of us I guess.