RoostCast Episode 4: Booing, Brackets & Bruce Pearl’s Pimp Suit

Episode 4 of RoostCast is available for download here, or you can listen to it below. In this episode, we discuss the Sabres’ recent struggles against the Wild and Red Wings, give some first impressions on the NCAA Tournament brackets, try to figure out whether Twitter sucks or not, and even talk some NBA ball. (horrors!)

[audio:|titles=RoostCast Episode 4_ Booing, Bracket]

In addition to Rich and Ryan’s snark and miscellanea, Episode 4 of RoostCast features the following music:

“Show Me How To Live” – Audioslave
“Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz
“Level” – The Raconteurs
“Back On My Grizzy” – Lil Wayne
“Vibrate” – Ghostland Observatory


  1. I shake my fist of righteousness at you, Rich.

  2. Phil

    I certainly booed five rows in front of you, Ryan haha.

    But seriously, you know it’s a weird mood in the building when I’m busy checking Bandits scoring updates via Twitter (JT in OT woot woot!) in between jeers being shouted at the home team.

    A weird pall has fallen over Sabres Nation because of the unexpected rise of the team this season due to the strangely-weak Northeast Division and the team’s current grabassing (for lack of a better word). I saw flashes of the inconsolable team from the last couple of seasons who would get discouraged and, like we saw Friday night, would circle a lot trying to figure out what the hell to do.

    Some factors that need to fall into place that have been missing since their dominance in the first half of the season are 1) Goose playing with a commanding presence, 2) Vanek finally waking up and doing his scoring-in-bursts thing, and 3) HCP taking control for stretches of action. Goose obvious is more fragile than we’d all like, so that’s kind of a wash, but the other two factors are easily accomplished. It’s just a problem of why not already.

    This freakin’ team better lock up the division before the month is over because, dammitall, I want to get everyone together before the season ends to celebrate an incoming playoffs! No more lollygaggin!