Loosey Goosey and Pure

by Ryan

– Doug Allen has a fan page on Facebook. Make it happen.

– New Era has paired with Paul Gaustad to release a special hat to benefit Camp Good Days. They say “The Goose is Loose” on them, which is pretty ‘meh’ if you ask me. All they had to do was ask…

– Chris had some fun with Scott Burnside’s awful column about Jimmy Howard, but here’s an article in support of Miller’s Hart candidacy.

– Deadspin has a nice article about the crazy taxes on athletes in Tennessee. If we were really desperate for posts I would have linked the article and titled it this: Adam Mair will never play for Nashville.

– We haven’t talked about baseball at all and we’re a few days away from first pitch. Let’s start with a classic Dustin Pedroia moment.

– If you haven’t seen this freakout, you need to. Here’s Jim Playfair breaking sticks and ripping off jackets while screaming at referee Jamie Koharski (2:30 mark)

Playfair was fined for the incident, but this isn’t the first time Koharski has gotten coaches upset in the minors. Sabres fans might remember he was the dope who kicked Nathan Gerbe out of the first Pirates game at HSBC Arena last year. He never got control of that game and only made things worse. NIce to know he’s following in his father’s footsteps, I guess.

– Gus Johnson is done broadcasting college basketball for the season, but here’s a video of the year that was. I’m going to miss that guy.

– Last night I watched the Sabres on an illegal feed of ESPN America. A few things here:

1) ESPN America is awesome. They actually talk about hockey and broadcast it, too!

2) I watched the game on a very nice iMac, which had a massive screen large enough for me to put the game on and do work at the same time. This is something I haven’t been able to do for some time. I have two computers, a netbook and a laptop which just had its 17″ screen unceremoniously die a few weeks ago.

Since then it has been converted into a makeshift desktop, complete with a monster HP monitor from last century. No widescreen, no HD, and certainly no multitasking on this bad boy. In other words, I’m in the market for a new computer and also a relatively cheap-yet-nice monitor. If anyone has suggestions for either (preferably the monitor first, I have plans for it afterwards) please feel free to let me know.


  1. Andrew

    I recently built a desktop and used the monitor linked below – 23 inches with great picture. Definitely enough space to do some heavy duty multitasking. I’m not sure how cheap you’re thinking, but for the ~$200 it costs this is a solid display. Hope this helps.
    Thanks for bringing back the regular posts – work was brutal for the few weeks the Roost was down. Keep up the great work.

  2. Jon

    Your laptop has a 17-foot screen?! Whoa!