Great Toaster, or Greatest Toaster?

by Ryan

I have something about Ovechkinpalooza coming shortly, but I thought this was too good to pass up. Via twoeightnine‘s Twitter:

The Greatest Toaster in the History of Mankind

I am not currently in the market for a toaster, but when I am I’ll be giving this bad boy a hard look. Ignore the fact that it most likely toasts with the same quality as the $3 toaster you can buy at WalMart on Black Friday. You try looking at that crest on your slice of toast and not smile.

It’s a toaster that never toasts evenly, and it’s wonderful.


  1. I am much too obsessive about even, not too dark toasting to ever use something like that.

    But cool anyway.

  2. Mox

    I was going to buy one today, I don’t care about evenness or anything like that as I never make toast. I just like the idea and It would be the crown to my Sabres Fan-dom. The issue is that it says it’s will ship in 14 to 16 weeks. thats like 4 months.