Giant Beavers and Announcements

– Okay seriously, what the hell was going on with the closing ceremonies last night? By the time they rolled around I was no longer bitter about the Gold Medal game and I was still completely baffled by what went on. Let’s leave aside musical tastes and talk about the variety show/crazy train of inflatable beavers and lumberjacks they finished things off with. I get the concept: Canada is none of these things so let’s ridiculously reinforce stereotypes and make fun of ourselves. Um… okay, but it looked crazy to me and I live two miles from you. Imagine what Finland is thinking right now.

– 289 has a few redesigned shirts in his Spreadshirt shop.

– I love the optimism in this post and I want to feel like this every day. I don’t think I can quite muster it just yet, but I think it’s something to strive for.

– I also sort of love this explanation of why so many people watch the Olympics, but I am not smart enough nor a good enough writer to properly quantify it. Either way, you should follow Jay Rosen.

– I’m not exactly loving the idea of talking about Toronto today, but this was pretty cool. Also, you really can’t hate anything that’s narrated by Chuck Norris.

What’s also pretty amazing about this video is what’s around the CN Tower. Mainly, nothing. Looking at what downtown Toronto looks like these days it’s really amazing to see how much the area has changed.

– Two good Deadspin pieces to read if you haven’t: Petchesky on hockey and Leitch on Roger Ebert.

– We’ve got another podcast currently in the works, so look for that sometime tomorrow. We’ve also got big plans for the trade deadline, but I wanted to make that a separate post. However if you’re going to be around on Wednesday shoot us an email. It’s going to be a lot of fun.