1. “Is this a road game? Oh, crap.”

  2. You know they are showing cartoons on the big board right now.

  3. Ah, man, I’m totally going to be out of town when the Black Eyed Peas are here.

  4. ScottyMCSSProSportsDaily

    I left my wallet… in El Segundo.

  5. wally

    Just inspecting all the dents I’ve left from errant shots all these years.

  6. Nick

    I wonder if my career population will ever fill up these seats…

  7. Amy

    “Are you there, God? It’s me, Jason.”

  8. Ogre39666

    Driving’s hard, alright!

    The Hills… Have Eyes
    ahhh, one of Robot Chicken’s finest sketches.

  9. “what do you mean i’m holding the stick wrong?”

    “don’t you dare knock down my puck pyramid, that took me an hour to build”

  10. “The secret of my succe$s? High socks.”

  11. mark723

    ok, so i’m 16 hours early. big deal!