1. dorry

    remember it’s the sabres you’re talking about. we didn’t compete, we gave them too much respect….i’m tired of it.

  2. What’s up guys-

    I’ve spent the recent 10 days or so watching the tournament exclusively and reserved little to no time for watching the Sabres. It seems, though, that the team is facing the same ‘consistency’ questions it has in the past – Buffalo’s offense is dynamite in one game and nonexistent in the next. Am I fairly accurate in saying this?

    I know it’s a blanket statement – and I imagine there are some other things ‘wrong’ with a team that’s still atop the Northeast (as you mentioned in an older post) – but where do you guys stand as the playoffs draw closer? Would you tout us as a Stanley Cup contender, or a team more likely to advance out of the first round and then quietly bow out?

    I also agree that people are judging Raffi Torres too quickly, but that’s the nature of bringing a player in at the trading deadline – he NEEDS to do something quickly, especially since he more than likely won’t be around WNY next year. That IMMEDIATE source of offense we anticipated obviously hasn’t been there, injury or not.