The Aftermath

By Chris

That was painful.

The look on Miller’s face said it all. They wanted that game so bad…and it just had to be Crosby, didn’t it?

It’s still sinking in, but let’s face it: No one expected Team USA to be in that game. On paper, they were maybe the fourth best team in the Olympics and for them to take the Great Team Canada into overtime on their ice is a “tremendously tremendous” feat.

They made us all proud and had us hanging on until the last goal horn. It was all you could ask for in a hockey game and one of the greatest displays of hockey in recent memory.

No one on that American roster should be hanging their heads right now. Especially not Ryan Miller.

There’s a reason why we talk about Miller more than any other athlete and the world had the chance to see what we in Buffalo get to watch almost every night. Methodical, balanced, sharp. He shined in this tournament and rightfully earned MVP honors.

He wanted a gold medal and we all wanted him to win one. But it wasn’t in the cards. Not this year.

If professional players go to Sochi in four years, it’s a virtual lock that Miller will be back between the pipes for the States. That, however, is a long ways away.

The stretch run of the NHL season is upon us and that’s all that will be on Miller’s mind now. The gold medal may have eluded him, but you’d be crazy to think that he’s going to let the Stanley Cup get away too. He’s got unfinished business.

Seeing what Miller did in the Olympics, Sabres fans have to be excited about his potential in the playoffs. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the chance to see him in the postseason but now it can’t come fast enough.

His play over the last two weeks are why the Sabres have to go for it all this year. Their goaltender is playing better than ever, their coach is riding the high of an Olympic victory (by the way: Congrats, Lindy!) and the rest of the team is well-rested.

So let’s move on from Vancouver and get on the road to the Cup. The trade deadline is Wednesday. What is Darcy Regier going to do to make this team a champion?


  1. I hated Phil Kessel before, and hate him even more.

  2. Mike

    I think Darcy thinks that the team they have now can win it all. They can, if they all played consistently. The problem is that that will never happen because it’s impossible and unreasonable to expect.

  3. Ogre39666

    Such a heartbreaking game…

    I want Jani Pitkanen!