A Russian Falls in a Forest…

by Ryan

How in the world is this the best video we have of the Kaleta hit on Ovechkin?

Seriously, this is the only video I’ve seen since Wednesday. The YouTube trail has run dry, and there are zero hits to pick from in the NHL.com video library for this game.

Am I missing something here, or is this a serious failure of the internet?

UPDATE: The Internet hasn’t failed us yet. Thanks, Garrett.

What a freakin’ awesome hit.


  1. I was wondering why no one was talking about this too! It was an electrifying hit from the stands but since I didn’t see it anywhere online yesterday I figured that it hadn’t been all that impressive on television. Now I see it here and I’m re-electrified.

  2. SueInVA

    When I’m not cheering for the Sabres, I usually cheer for the Caps (hey, it’s a regional thing!). But I do love it when Ovie (or the great Ape, as I like to call him) gets hit by a good one. Patty delivers! Yeah!