A Brief Departure

by Ryan

With all the Trade Deadline craziness and a game tonight we probably won’t be talking about last night’s loss very much. However, I wanted to make sure everyone saw this:

A very, very classy showing from the people of Pittsburgh. Kudos to them and the Penguins for the pregame ceremonies they did. Still, for as loud as Miller’s ovation was in Mellon I can’t wait to hear HSBC Arena explode tonight.

I won’t be in the crowd to cheer for him, but those of you who will be better make us proud.

One Comment

  1. The outstanding Miller ovation began during Lindy getting honored, amusingly enough. Every reporter who described Miller’s ovation as only lasting 45 seconds is deaf and retarded – it lasted 2 full minutes easily, what with the USA! USA! USA! chants.

    In addition, there were the USA! USA! USA! chants that went on before the ceremony, during the anthem, and later on in the game when the Jumbotron did it’s rounds showing fans with Team USA signs.

    I just wish it wasn’t on a Wednesday, cuz Doug Allen never sings the anthems on Wednesdays and his presence there would’ve moved me and many other fans to tears during his Star-Spangled Banner.