5Chan and Soda Wars

by Ryan

– Tonight’s Rangers/Islanders game will be broadcast in 3D. From the sounds of it there are like five people in the world who can watch this game in true 3D, but if you read this you at least know what the hell is going on.

– If you need a laugh, check out the quarterback competition the Bills are gearing up for. If you really want a laugh, check out KSK’s newest head coaching character.

– It may surprise some, but until recently I’ve never subscribed to Sports Illustrated. However, I’ve been a SI subscriber since Joe Posnanski was hired full time last year. I was hoping for good things, and so far I have to say I’ve liked what the magazine is doing. Last week’s issue in particular was pretty great. Good baseball feature, interesting look at the high five, and a solid hockey article to boot. It helped that the Red Wings piece came out just a few days before the Sabres played them, but I really liked what I had to read. Everyone loves to bash the old guard, but it’s nice to see it live up to the name every so often.

– I can’t help but find this hilarious: Not only will the Pepsi Center in Amherst be rebranded, but they will now exclusively sell Coke products.

– If you haven’t seen/used the Gus Johnson Soundboard, go have some fun.

– I think we could all use a SabresProspects update. Among the good info Bakes has for us is a nasty hit on Marcus Foligno. Not pretty.

The good news is that Foligno was okay. Rinaldo got a 12-game suspension for the hit.

– We’ve been toying around with a few things on the site’s sidebar. We now have Twitter feeds from myself and Chris, as well as a button to follow us on Facebook. The Facebook page updates automatically when we post something new, so it’s a good way to keep up with us if you’re interested. Okay, I’m done shilling now.

– We will have some actual content up later in the day. Something about the Sabres for sure, and maybe the NCAA Tourney. If you’re still reading after being dark for so long, thanks for hanging in with us.


  1. Woooo! That was a fun read.

    On the Bills’ QB debate:

    WGR 550 was all a twitter today about an “imminent” trade between the Bills and Eagles -McNabb for draft picks.

    I am not so sold on the “imminent” part of their argument, but it certainly looks plausible, with Gailey wanting this sorted out before the draft, and the Eagles backing down from requiring a 1st round pick for McNabb.

  2. Ogre39666

    MSG is having a viewing party at the one of the MSG theaters so that should help get some more viewers. Seriously though, MSG was one of the pioneers in broadcasting HD games so they have some idea what they’re doing.