Penguins and Pizza and Dunks

by Ryan

Just a few things here and there before we get to tonight’s game against the Penguins:

– Big Four basketball was on national television on Friday, with Canisius taking on Niagara at the Koessler Athletic Center in Buffalo. Canisius won the game in overtime, and even had the top play of the night on SportsCenter. I’ll skip 10-2 and give you this quick YouTube clip of the dunks:

– Also, if you were watching the Penguins/Red Wings game yesterday you saw the first few mintutes of a RBK commercial featuring Sidney Crosby, Max Talbot and a dryer. Here’s the extended version of that:

– Since we’ve already discussed childhood memories today, why not check out what the cast of “The Mighty Ducks” grew up to be.

– It seems former Bison and current Blue Jay minor leaguer Lance Broadway has gotten himself into a bit of shirtless trouble with the law.

– Tyler Myers is celebrating a birthday today. The fact that he is just turning 20 does nothing to change the fact that he’s playing one of the most impressive seasons I’ve seen from a rookie in a long time. Scorers are scorers, but the role he’s taken on this team at such a young age is simply amazing. I have no idea if he will win the Calder this season, but this year will be long remembered by Sabres fans as the start of something very special on the blueline in Buffalo.

Also, he is a pterodactyl.

– A lot of people will have plenty to say about the number of trades that went down yesterday. I have two thoughts:

1) I have no idea what Brian Burke is doing, but it’s nice to know things are going to be fun for the next few weeks. There’s no way Toronto and Calgary are done making moves, but the may be done trading with eachother.

2) The more I see the Rangers work the harder it is for me to believe in Glen Sather. Actually, I have no idea how Glen Sather gets bailed out by other teams with the bad contracts he signs. Kotalik? Gomez? Come on, other NHL GMs, don’t let him get out of those! The Rags are still a mess, but it’s uncanny how often it seems people are willing to literally pay for his mistakes.

– I finally watched the Sabres/Bruins game in full late last night, and I have to say I liked the effort from the Sabres. It was also nice to see Ryan Miller do The Ryan Miller thing on home ice again. Miller had a few shaky games over the break, but it was good to see him back to form on Friday. The same can be said for the shootout on Wednesday night, where he looked like a completely different goaltender. Either way, it’s nice to see that rough patch is over.

– As far as the Penguins go, I’m eager to see if they are any better than they were the last time we played them. I’ve watched a lot of their games, and they looked like a terrible team when their goaltenders were hurt, both defensively and offensively. Their power play has been better as of late, but if they continue to struggle on the blue line I don’t see tonight as an impossible game. However, the last thing Sabres fans want to see is a shootout. Take a look at what they did yesterday. Yeah, let’s not see that again tonight, okay?

7:00 pm from Mellon Arena. BfloBlog should have a liveblog link up shortly. You know where to find Chris and I tonight.