Other People Write Things

by Ryan

Here are a few links to keep you going on a Monday. I’d like to do this daily, but I’m thinking maybe a twice a week deal might work. Monday and Friday? How does that sound? Good? Okay.

– I have a Bandits post coming, I promise. It won’t be your regular recap, which has already been done by Andrew from Artvoice and Budd Bailey at The News. It will be worth reading, though. I promise.

– We’ve been trying to fix up the blogroll a bit, so if you have any sites you think we should add please let us know. I had the chance to meet Ben T. from The Sports Assault on Saturday at the Bandits game, so give his site a chance if you haven’t. They’re big on college basketball, something I wish we had more time to cover.

– Wysh over at Puck Daddy has a good recap of the Blogger vs. Mike Milbury incident at yesterday’s Pens/Caps game. I think Greg has a good take on it, but here’s my thought: a blogger being in the press box is still a privileged, not a right. No matter what Milbury said, you have to respect the press box, elevators included. Given my limited experience in the box, I can’t imagine a situation where I would do something similar. Maybe that makes me a bad blogger, but what Van Der Vossen does makes everyone look bad.

– PKB over at Hockey Rhetoric has a nice post that may get you out of your Sabres funk. I don’t think we’ve talked a lot about the stuff PKB does, but I like him. Go be his friend.

– Mike Harrington has today’s practice report, including an interesting story about the start of today’s morning skate:

What’s normally a 60- or 90-second chat turned into a five-minute speech and it was clear drills weren’t much on the coach’s mind. Stick in hand, Ruff was waving his arms and banging it on the ice. Even banged the boards once. Let’s see if his words have any impact when the Bruins hit town Tuesday night.

Lindy has taken a noticeably hands-off approach for the majority of the season, but this is the time we want to see him involved. Some would argue that this year has been Lindy’s best behind the bench, and if the Sabres can right the ship here I would be on board with that sentiment as well. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, I suppose.

– I still want to do the “Live Blog of Fail” if only for the chance to be snarky for six consecutive hours. Hopefully I will have some time tonight.

– Chris and I are starting to plan out a live blog for Deadline Day, which is March 3rd. With the roster freeze coming this Friday we’ll have plenty of time to speculate about trades over the next few weeks. That means once hockey starts back up again there will be a lot going on. We want to do a Cover-it-Live broadcast and put it on a few different Sabres blogs, that way we can all come to one place and share information.

So far we’re collecting a few Twitter names (Mirtle, CBC guys, SpectorsHockey, etc.) to import into the CIL to keep it interesting. If you’d like to help us produce it and put it on your blog, shoot us an email. We want to have things all set for the deadline, which will come a lot quicker than you think. We’re excited about it, and hope you are as well.

– If you haven’t watched this video, do it now. Some day, guys…


  1. SueInVirginia

    Do you think there is any truth to the rumor that the Sabres are trying to acquire Koivu and Selanne ?

  2. PKB

    Seriously I have like 20 real people following me on Twitter. The rest are just bots and companies. I need more Twitter friends.

  3. I agree about the Blogger vs. Milbury story. Milbury is a giant asshole, but the blogger lost all credibility when he whipped out the videocam like a TMZ douchebag.

  4. Darren Dreger and some of the other TSN guys are good follows on deadline day, though if you do too many it could clutter it up a bit.