Orange Outage and Other Links

by Ryan

– On Sunday I went to Syracuse and saw the Cuse/Louisville game. I would blame myself for the loss, but they really did play some terrible basketball for the majority of the game. It was also odd to see a huge crowd (largest all season) sit on their hands for the entire first half. I know everyone is gearing up for the Cuse/Nova game, but the Orange need to get it together before then.

– The New York Times had an interesting article about which way hockey players shoot. For the record, I’m left-handed and shoot right. I can also switch-hit and golf right-handed. In other words, I’m completely backwards in almost every way. Maybe that’s why I’m good at absolutely nothing.

– Team USA kicks things off today at 3pm, and while I’m not exactly thrilled about it I’m very happy to see some hockey again. So happy in fact that I’ll be wearing this quite a bit over the next two weeks:

I probably won’t be wearing it today but when the bigger games roll around, it’ll be on.

– We heard this before but Versus is picking up a ton of games post-Olympic break, including the Sabres/Caps game on March 3. What’s interesting is that people in Buffalo won’t have that game on Versus, instead getting Flyers/Panthers. That’s good news for those without Time Warner Cable. Actually, that’s good news for pretty much everyone.

– The breaking news on Twitter this weekend is that Buffalo News columnist Bucky Gleason has gotten himself a Twitter. As much as people dislike Bucky I think he’s worth a follow, and it has been interesting to watch him get acclimated.

Still, I don’t think Bucky being on Twitter will be a very big deal. What’s interesting about Twitter is that it is implemented based on how you use other forms of social media. You can use it to shout out information, gain information from others, or a combination of both.

I’d like to think that most people do a combination of the two, and those are the best people to follow. In fact what has made Mike Harrington so likable is his willingness to communicate with readers on a level no one at The News ever has. He does it on the Sabres Edge or Inside Pitch blogs, and he does it on Twitter.

That level of communication has never happened for Gleason, whether on blogs or anywhere else. He doesn’t read blogs and doesn’t care what fans think, and so why should he care who follows him and what they say when he gets mentioned?

Bucky Gleason on Twitter isn’t going to magically make him a friend of bloggers, nor will it make people like him better. Twitter a form of social media that enhances the ways you already communicate. It’s a way to send and receive information, and with Bucky it’s going to be a whole lot of the former and none of the latter.

– In a related story, I’m still working on a “Why Twitter Sucks” post, mostly for that very reason.

– Chris passed this along, but apparently former Bills tight end Jay Riemersma is running for Congress and loves Tim Tebow. That’s all well and good, but when the last notable tight end for the Bills is running for Congress, it’s time to get a good tight end.

– If you’re looking for something slightly odd, watch this YouTube video of an inflatable raptor eating a cheerleader. There’s really no joke there, it’s just… odd.

– So I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this here before, but we’re currently hard at work on a podcast. Rich and I did a test run last night and things turned out pretty good, so sometime in the near future we should have something worth sharing with you guys. We’ll keep you posted.


  1. That is a very cool shirt. Where’d you hunt that down?

    Part of my problem with Bucky on Twitter is that it hasn’t really even been a whole lot of the former. He’s gone really long stretches without tweeting anything. He’s at the Olympics, a huge event, and an event most of his readers have probably never attended and never will attend. He should be tweeting (and blogging) the HELL out of it. I almost feel like it’s time for TBN to quit trying to force the Internet on writers who clearly aren’t interested – because you cannot convince me that Bucky is on Twitter of his own freewill – and start favoring and rewarding those who are either good at it or really willing to learn. That’s the only way some of these guys are going to get it in gear. (And I will fully admit that this opinion might be biased because I don’t care for Bucky, and I love guys like Mike. But their attitudes toward the Internet and/or fans is a huge part of that.)

    I can’t wait to hear your podcast!

  2. Could you see anything from those seats at the ‘Cuse game? Looks absurdly far away.

    Looking forward to your podcasts – as someone who has done roughly 20 now, it’s definitely a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating at times (for instance, I’ll find myself repeating words far too often). Still though, I’m sure you guys will get comfortable with it quickly. Good luck!

  3. Lindsey

    Where did you get that shirt? I love it!

  4. Ben,

    The seats weren’t as bad as they look. We were very high up, but the camera phone always makes it look farther away.


    I got it at Target, actually. I know a few people on Twitter have been searching for it, too.