My Inner Don Cherry

by Ryan

I’m working on a View From the Roost post, but first I thought we should talk about the fights last night. We’ll skip Craig Rivet just like Lindy did last night. Here’s Adam Mair and Milan Lucic:

First of all, Jack Edwards and friend need to can it. Anyone who doesn’t realize there’s a double standard for Lucic-like players by now simply isn’t paying enough attention to the game. We see it with hits on Kaleta, Rangers fans see it with Sean Avery, and every other team in the league has one guy who is treated the same way. Lucic wasn’t getting the call, and he did what you’re supposed to do: stand up and defend yourself.

That being said, a ton of credit should go to Adam Mair for fighting in the first place. Die By the Blade mentioned it earlier, but Mair was playing with a broken nose and he went right after Lucic once the gloves dropped. Not backing down in that situation is tough, but Mair played his role well and paid the price for it. Say what you will about his effort on other nights, but he did it right last night.

That being said, Chara did it wrong. He challenged Paul Gaustad throughout the game (according to Gaustad, that is) and when the time came to go he stood there like a neanderthal. Chara was the one that started things between them, going after Gaustad in the first period when he layed a big hit on the first shift. I know the excuse: Chara’s a big part of Boston’s defense and missing five minutes is a big sacrifice. Still, it’s a joke that Goose gets two, Lucic gets nothing for jumping in, and Chara stands there pretending he didn’t provoke this in any way.

It’s hard for someone standing 6’9″ to turtle, but last night he did.


  1. I was (unfortunately) watching the NESN feed last night, and they kept reminding us that Chara was playing with a broken finger and was wearing a splint under his glove. Apparently if you fight or even drop the gloves with some sort of apparatus on your hand that’s an automatic game misconduct. Not sure how true all of that is, but it would explain the extent of the turtle. Chara would have been gone for more than just 5 minutes, and the Bruins really can’t afford that. Doesn’t make him any less of a dick for going around challenging Goose with no intention of following up, though.

  2. Great comment. Thanks for the additional info. I was at the game so I didn’t know any of that. That explains a lot, though…

  3. NoUseForANickname

    Has Mair been as great as it seems since being put on waivers? The games I get to watch I just hear his name a lot or see him on the ice doing *something*. He just seems like a guy who gives *110%* and gets rewarded for it. I just went and looked at the stats, and he’s a decent -2 with 7 points. For comparison (that I have handy without having to look anything up as I have it open), I have f’ing Eric Brewer in my pool (needed 4 defensemen), who has played a similar number of games and is a super -14 with 11 points for $4.5 million. I know it’s not directly analogous, but jesus Eric Brewer is killing me.

    Anyhow, I just think he’s done pretty good for a dude that they exposed to the rest of the league.

    On a sidenote…How the hell is Macarthur a -15? And what happened to his scoring from the first half of the season?