Just Like Old Times

by Ryan

Just like old times, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just like old times, it did.

Feel free to use this post as a place to vent. I’m going to attempt a more reasonable look at this whole Ottawa thing in a little while. For now… guh.


  1. Mike

    This was the worst sports moment I think since the first Bills game of the year. With that being said, I think the silver lining is that if the Sabres were playing the way the Caps and Sens are now, I’d be scared as a Sabres fan that they were peaking too early. The teams that end up winning the cup are not the teams that are playing well now, they’re the teams that are playing well in late March early April. Perhaps the Senators will be able to keep up their momentum, but I doubt it somehow. Will the Sabres be playing well then with Miller back from the Olympics? That remains to be seen.
    I’d also love to know what was said in the room last night after the game by the PLAYERS.

  2. The Sabres own the Leafs, the Sens own the Sabres.

    I think they know the “system” and know how to beat it.

  3. That kid looks so sad.

  4. SueInVirginia

    I missed the game but I hear Vanek punched Ruutu. I wish I had seen that! Sigh!

    I see the Sabres PK is number one! That’s something for this glass half full fan to be happy about.