It’s Back!

by Ryan

These may be the only Sabres you see play for a few weeks, but there is some good news on the NHL front: Mirtle brought back his 90+ Points or Bust!

Okay so that’s not nearly as exciting as it seemed in my head, but it’s a good sign nonetheless. Mirtle says the Sabres need to go 6-16 to make the playoffs, which seems manageable enough. The numbers won’t change for quite some time, but it’s good to get used to checking that page and these numbers; we will be linking to them quite a bit down the stretch.

Also, has anyone else slowly changed from visiting From the Rink daily to the Globe on Hockey blog? Strange, isn’t it?


  1. RobQ

    right on re: From The Rink – I still reflexively go there some mornings but I rarely linger there anymore. I find it (not-so?) slowly morphing into a Yahoo-type blog which is fine I suppose but it doesn’t separate itself from the pack anymore.

    Globe on Hockey bookmark has been moved far above From the Rink (but still below Goose’s Roost). Don’t forget about Mirtle’s old blogspot site which he’s been updating again as well.

  2. Uh oh… I’m going to have to update a bit more often. 🙂

  3. RobQ

    get on it man. a legion of basement-dwelling bleary-eyed hockey nerds awaits.


    (also, shootouts are lame – exhibit 47. thank you.)