I Can Relate, Hank

by Ryan

When this happened in real time I thought it looked sort of silly. Now I think it sums up a lot of what’s going on with this team right now:

Clearly I’ve got nothing today. Let’s hope the Sabres have a bit more than that tonight against Carolina.


  1. Jay

    Is it time to press the panic button yet?

  2. tony

    ryan your way off base on the lucic/mair fight and the chara/gaustard. obviously your a bruins hater. you gave credit to mair? for what a late hit or for turtling like a bitch. lucic faught how many fights with a broken nose, that don’t mean shit. lucic took on mair after missing 32 games and was what playing his 7th straight game and was still all taped up on the leg. credit should go lucic!!

    as for gaustard, luci challenged him last game and in this game and gaustard declined both times, as for chara yeah maybe he should have gone, but it would of been one beating for goose he wish he never took. as for chara challenging him all game, just because a guy plays physical doesn’t mean he is challenging you. gaustard was just pissed he got the penalty