Gold Medal Game Live Chat

Wyshynski first asked, but it’s not a question anymore.

Believe in Millercles.

We’ll be participating in BfloBlog‘s live chat for today’s Gold Medal Game. Stop in, it should be a blast.

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  1. NoUseForANickname

    I was alive in 1980 but don’t remember much. I remember the last Canada win, which was cool (especially that Lemieux play where he didn’t shoot and Kariya (?) scored the winner), but I don’t think I saw as many good fucking hockey games as this Olympics.

    Kudos to America – they played hard and tough, nearly beating Can at their own game. I think Canada played better overall, but we’ve all seen a ton of games go the other way and this was an awesome finish – storybooks and all that shit.

    Great game, can’t say enough.

    PS, either right now or Monday morning would be a good time to invade Canada and steal our maple syrup, because I’m already getting hungover (it’s 11), and judging by the messages on my machine, the rest of the country did as well.