Filling the Gaps With Legos

by Ryan

We will have the audio from our first podcast up shortly, but first some links:

This is merely a public service at this point, because everyone should know that Boner is missing in Vancouver. We will save you that phallic jokes because this is important: a Growing Pains icon is missing in a foreign land. Keep your eyes and ears open, people.

– If you’ve been watching curling as much as I have, you’ve seen this commercial a few times. The Stress Buffalo is forcing me to link to any buffalo-related media. This is not my fault.

– Speaking of Buffalo the place, BuffaloGeek has some thoughts and info on a push to get Google’s new fiber network installed in Buffalo. Take a look and throw your support behind the movement. It’s a good cause we should all get behind.

– Baseball season is just around the corner, and the Bisons just announced their promotional schedule for the summer. I’m hoping to be in the press box again this season, but I wouldn’t mind a replica of the Buffalo Central Terminal.

– This is awesomely random. And in another language.

– You might not have known this, but Portland Pirates just snapped an 11-game winning streak. Who knew, right? Also, that article tells us a lot about the Pirates you may not know. Drew Schiestel shoots first for the Pirates in the shootout! God I can’t wait for that kid to play for the Sabres. It’s going to be so much fun.

– Rodney McKissic of the Buffalo News says that Canisius College men’s basketball head coach Tom Parrotta will return to the team next season. Parrotta has done a pretty decent job with the program in his four years at Canisius, and the Griffs are starting to be competitive in the MAAC once again.

– Rolling Stone reminds us that we need to pay for another year of domain access by screwing that up themselves.

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  1. Mike

    I hope Timmy is still around when Schiestel makes the team so he can take him on as his young padawan.