Falling Flat

by Ryan

We haven’t even hit the Olympic break yet, so we’re nowhere near hitting the panic button just yet. Still, after the last two games it’s hard not to think about it. Maybe, you know, take it out of the desk drawer and set it on the table for a bit. Just to think about it for a few minutes, right?

7 pm? Yeah, that can come anytime now.


  1. That picture sums it up. I’m a huge Gaustad fan – love the work ethic, hitting, fighting, my first jersey purchase, all of it – but he’s not been the same since the knee injury. Its not that he looks injured. Its that he looks like he’s not working, which is so unlike his character. Anyone know what’s wrong? Is he pissed he didn’t make the US Olympic team, and he’s pouting? I don’t get it.

  2. dorry

    brian , i agree. not the goose, the gone.