1. Jon

    Nearly positive you have used that title before. Jeez, be original for once.

  2. I have, but you’re the only one who will remember it. I knew you would. When you’ve written 1800+ posts you use duplicate titles. Try it sometime!

  3. keller

    Congratulations are in order for Gregg Williams…he stopped Peyton.

    When I was 10 (1983), my hockey coach said ‘Buffalo will never win a Stanley Cup or Super Bowl because this city is crumbling and anybody worth a fuck escaped 10 years ago…so do yourself a favor, don’t fall in love with the Bills or Sabres and get out as soon as you can.’ I always hated that…it haunted me…it was the most honest thing any adult had ever said to me. Pessimism of that magnitude must be manic…right?

    It took me another 25 years of heartache to realize he was right. I hate that he was right. I wanted more than anything to prove him wrong but I only get 3 quarter centuries on this Earth to live the dream of my local team winning the big game…I dedicated 35+ years to Buffalo but now, its just time to move on.

    I have another kid coming Wednesday and you can be sure as shit he won’t be subject to the 35 year nightmare I endured as a Buffalo fan. The rag-tag bunch at 1 Bills Drive and Darcy’s pussy-foot attitude make this break easy…and I thank them for that. If not for the pathetic management in Buffalo, these decisions would be a lot more difficult.

    Best of luck Buffalo fans. God Bless.

  4. The Bills are just 1 of 14 teams never to win the Superbowl. That’s about half.

    Could be a Browns or Lions fan, who have never seen their team in a Super Bowl.

  5. parker91

    at least Minnesota didn’t win out this year. that would have left the Bills alone in the 0-4 club.