by Ryan

“They’re so… so… pale!”

That’s right, folks. The bloggers are coming out of the woodwork tonight to meet at Casa di Pizza for the Sabres/Penguins game, and you’re invited.

Confirmed guests include Kevin from Bfloblog, Kate from The Willful Caboose, and Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News, and a handful of maybes have been scattered across Twitter.

Casa has confirmed that they have cable and therefore will actually have the game on, so come on over and meet some bloggers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us or shoot me a question via Twitter.

Hope to see some of you guys out there tonight. If you’re going, leave a comment so we know who to look for!


  1. dani

    “They’re so… so… pale!” hahahha Wait, Mike Harrington?

  2. I’ll be there. Sounds like there’s quite a few people coming. I’ll be wearing a Miller jersey, that’ll totally help me stand out (jokes). Looking forward to it!

  3. Mike

    Take pictures.

  4. Everyone will know me at the next one…I’m the only dude that owns a Lydman jersey, it seems haha